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Grins2 Shopping Program

At UHCCF, donating gifts is always twice as nice. Just purchase any of our UHCCF gifts through our Grins2 program, and donate them to one of our participating children’s hospitals across the country. When you do, one child will receive a great gift while another receives a UHCCF medical grant. Browse all our gift options available in our UHCCF Simply Do Goods online store. From joke books to plush toys, there’s a perfect gift waiting to make some wonderful kids happy — while also doing good with the proceeds helping to fund future medical grants.

Wholesale and Retail Opportunities

UHCCF award-winning cuddly plush animals, heart-warming stories, and fun games all help UHCCF provide future medical grants to children and families that need them most. Each time you purchase items to be sold in your store, UHCCF will fund medical grants for kids. The proceeds that give back are already built into the wholesale cost so once you purchase them; the rest is yours to keep. Contact us at

Want to become a UHCCF Product Retailer? We have wholesale pricing that will allow you to offer the products at competitive market prices. Retailers can easily shop UHCCF wholesale products through our Faire virtual store. By purchasing these products you will have a direct impact on the work that we do, helping to make UHCCF medical grants possible for families.