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One of the great things about our Foundation is that the impact of our work can be seen so directly in the stories told by our grant recipients and their families. You can be a part of the next chapter by either applying for a grant or helping to make one possible for a family in need.In their own words

Listen as families and supporters talk about the impact a grant from the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation has had in the life of a child.













Noah & Daniel





Anuhea loves to play with her princess dolls and pretend that she’s a princess too (even though we all know she’s the real thing!). Anuhea is also developmentally delayed and needs to attend speech therapy outside of school. Even her princess status couldn’t offset the financial burden that comes with therapy, so her family looked to UHCCF to help with a medical grant. Since receiving the grant, her communication and comprehension skills are improving and she’s making more friends every day. Anuhea and her family couldn’t be happier!



Living in northern Minnesota, Blake has loved winter sports since an early age. A spina bifida patient and paraplegic, Blake has found a way to pursue his passions, skiing and hockey. Thanks to a UHCCF medical grant, Blake was able to access specialized equipment that helps him participate in these activities. The upper body strength he’s developed will help him enjoy the slopes with his family and friends for many winters to come.


Bryce and Jacob

Jacob, like any typical pre-teen, loves listening to music. Bryce, his brother, loves playing in the challenger division of his softball little league, and despite being in a wheelchair, is really able to throw and hit like a pro! Thanks to a UHCCF grant, their family was able to get modifications to their van to make transportation easier. Now Bryce and Jacob have an easier time traveling to and from the things they enjoy doing!



Camden knows how to play ball, and loves cheering on his favorite team, the Louisville Cardinals. Unfortunately, he found himself benched when he became very ill with pancreatitis, an inflamed liver and a strep infection. UHCCF helped Camden’s family with a medical grant to pay for his hospital stay and get him back on his feet. Specifically, in his basketball shoes. Camden’s back on the court, and his jump shot is looking better than ever.



Carter is most comfortable with his swim trunks on and his shoes off. He’s pretty much the ultimate beach baby. Carter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), GERD and a milk allergy at just two weeks old and required specialty care. A UHCCF medical grant allowed Carter to see specialists and get access to a special formula that he required. Now he’s able to spend more time doing the things he loves, like splashing around in the water and working on his sandcastle building skills.



Jewel is an accomplished violinist and loves to play lacrosse. Jewel was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. Thanks to a UHCCF medical grant, Jewel was able to get the corrective surgery that she needed. The surgery dramatically boosted Jewel’s self-confidence and helped her feel more like a young adult! We can’t wait to see her taking the stage and the field!



Ever since teaching herself to read at age 3, Juliet has been a passionate reader who is inseparable from two things: her books and her feline reading buddy, Teddy. When Juliet contracted Rheumatic Fever in 2015, she suffered heart damage to her valves which required frequent monitoring by her cardiologist. A UHCCF medical grant came to the rescue by helping Juliet get the care she needed, allowing her to get back to her books, Teddy and on the path to fulfilling her dreams of becoming an editor. We’re looking forward to her first book!



Kaden has been dancing nonstop ever since he took his first steps. Whether it’s Imagine Dragons or Louis Armstrong, his dance floor moves know no boundaries. Kaden was born with Down Syndrome which required him to have physical, occupational and speech therapy to help ensure he could walk, talk, socialize and gain independence. A UHCCF medical grant aided Kaden’s family to pay for his extensive therapies that have helped him develop in all areas of life. And most importantly, keep him tearing it up on the dance floor!


Lacey and Lanae

Twins Lacey and Lanae have been best buddies since day one. The two animal lovers are hard of hearing and their UHCCF medical grant helped them to receive better maintenance and testing on their hearing aids. The improvements will help them to hear more clearly and enjoy hearing the sounds of the birds and wildlife that bring them joy. Lacey and Lanae’s family is excited to watch them grow and chase their dreams – and so are we!



Miles loves music! Whether it’s playing his piano and guitar or turning everything in his sight into a drum kit, he can’t help himself! He was born with Fragile X Syndrome, which affects his ability to develop speech skills. His family was able to get a UHCCF medical grant which helped them with the cost of speech and occupational therapy. Miles is doing much better, and we’re hoping that pretty soon he’ll be adding vocals to his songs!



Nathan is a tireless learner who spends much of his time reading and creating science projects. Nathan was born with a defective heart, a cleft palate, failure to thrive and Pierre Robin Sequence. These conditions have required extensive therapy and surgery. Thanks to a UHCCF medical grant, Nathan has been able to get the help he needs. Nathan hopes to one day be a pediatric cardiologist. We’re sure he will make a big difference in the lives of kids like him!



Noah is on track to becoming a grandmaster chess player and is in his gifted program at school. He is on the autism spectrum with a diagnosis of ADHD. He has to attend occupational therapy for his coordination, but he considers it play time! Thanks to a UHCCF medical grant, Noah can continue going to therapy and making strides towards independence. His family is already noticing improvements at school and he recently joined the Robotics Club. Look out, world!



Romie is an animal-loving little girl with a true zest for life. She is passionate about so many things but some of her favorite activities include petting goats and sheep at petting zoos and her friend’s farm. She was diagnosed with apraxia of speech at age 3 which required frequent speech therapy to improve her words and sounds. Thanks to a UHCCF medical grant, Romie was able to continue going to speech therapy and is making outstanding progress! Now her hard work at therapy is paying off and she talks about becoming a veterinarian who cares for animals every day.

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