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September 30, 2015
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Hero Spotlight


Rochester Hills, MI

Peyton was diagnosed with torticollis, a condition that causes a flat head. If left untreated, it can cause a lifelong deformity resulting in neck pain and balance issues. Peyton’s doctor prescribed an orthotic molding helmet, which she wore 23 hours each day for five months. The UHCCF grant assisted with the expense of the costly helmet and Peyton, now 13 months old, has “graduated” and no longer needs the helmet. Read More


Chelsea, AL

Rylee, a very outgoing three-year-old, was diagnosed with early onset progressive scoliosis. If left untreated, it could lead to permanent deformities of her spine. Rylee was fitted with seven hard casts within an eighteen month period. The UHCCF grant has assisted with surgery, casts and braces. Read More


Covina, CA

Nine-year-old Lucas has been diagnosed with autism, making it difficult for him to interact with others. His doctor recommended applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy to improve his speech, educational progress and social skills. A grant from UHCCF is helping with the expense of this much needed therapy. Read More


Lakeville, MN

Eight-year-old Bethany was diagnosed with bilateral cleft lip and palate at birth. This speech disorder has impacted Bethany’s academic performance and social relationships and her doctor recommended speech therapy to help her develop normal speech production. UHCCF has awarded her two grants – one in 2011 and one in 2013 – to help cover the cost of the necessary therapy. Read More


Frederick, MD

Hope is a four-year-old “girly-girl.” She loves the color pink, hearts, butterflies and playing with dolls. Diagnosed with congenital heart disease, Hope underwent heart surgery at the age of three. Her medical condition is complex and she will need lifelong follow-up visits and testing. Read More

Jack F.

Newark, OH

Jack is a very energetic and outgoing three-year-old boy who likes to make people laugh with his funny jokes and stories. Diagnosed with a spinal cord injury, Jack’s family was told he would never walk. But there’s no stopping Jack - he has worked hard and has defied all odds – and is walking with a walker and riding his tricycle. Read More

Jack G.

Elk Grove Village, IL

Five-year-old Jack loves riding the bus to school, going to the park and eating ice cream! Jack was born with Down Syndrome and requires weekly sessions with three different therapists to improve his fine motor skills and speech. These therapies help him communicate verbally and be understood by others—and he is making good progress. Read More