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Attention: The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation grant application submission period is temporarily closed and is scheduled to reopen on Sept. 3, 2024. Due to this, the applicant login is currently unavailable.

If you have an active UHCCF grant, an email with a unique URL was sent to your profile email account on Friday, May 31. Please use this URL to submit payment requests. The URL is unique to one specific child so if you have more than one child with a grant, you should have received two e-mails (one email per child). Please keep the URL as you will need it for each new payment request until further notice.

When submitting payment, please attach all the following documents to the payment request:

  1. An itemized bill from the provider with the date of service, service provided, child listed as the patient, amount owed and address of where to send payment to.
  2. A copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your primary medical insurance carrier, which shows the details of how they have processed the requested dates of service.
  3. UHCCF can send payments to parents if services have been paid for. If requesting to be reimbursed directly, please attach proof of payment for the requested amount of reimbursement.