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Wholesale Opportunities

Why Carry UHCCF Products?

UHCCF Products Give Back to Kids

Cuddly plush animals, heart-warming stories and fun games all help UHCCF provide future medical grants to children and families that need them most. Each time you purchase items to be sold in your store, UHCCF will fund its medical grant program. The proceeds that give back are already built into the wholesale cost so once you purchase them; the rest is yours to keep.

Check out our entire line of products: UHCCF Product Guide.

Want to become a UHCCF Product Retailer?

We have wholesale pricing that will allow you to offer the products at competitive market prices. To learn more or request materials, please reach out to Taja Mahaffey at the contact information below. Because when you are successful we can give more, we have a series of resources that will help you spread the message behind UHCCF that together we can help to improve the quality of life of thousands of children.

By making these products available for purchase you will have a direct impact on the work that we do, helping to make UHCCF medical grants possible for a family in need.

Wholesale Pricing

For order inquiries please contact Scott Otto at customerservice@uhccf.org.

UHCCF Brochure

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