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Who is Meg Cadts?

December 03, 2013
Who is Meg Cadts?
This fall, the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation released the Oliver & Hope’s Amusing Adventure storybook, authored by Meg Cadts and illustrated by Samantha Fitch.  The hand-illustrated book tells the story of a loveable bear named Oliver and a butterfly named Hope, as the two encounter and overcome challenges during a journey of imagination and hope.  So just who are Meg Cadts and Samantha Fitch?
The book author and illustrator team of Meg Cadts and Samantha Fitch are the nom de plume of the visionary partnership between the UHCCF officers, volunteer staff, and their partner creative agency. Meg Cadts was created as a pen name for the dedicated UHCCF team of writers and contributors - represented by taking the first letter of each of the eight-person team’s first name. Samantha Fitch is the combination of the names of the two illustrators who created the beautiful art that adorns the book.
Visit to order the book (100% of the profits, after all related expenses, benefit the UHCCF) and to learn more about our mission to provide medical grants to children in need, and bring smiles to children and their families.
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