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10,000 Grants and We’re Just Getting Started

September 25, 2015

For five-year-old twin brothers Cole and Jake, life has never sounded better. Both children experienced substantial hearing loss at the age of one and have worn hearing aids ever since.

The two boys recently required updated hearing aids with more advanced technology in order to enjoy the quality of life and hearing that every child should have. However, the family’s health insurance plan would not fully cover the expenses necessary for the new equipment, and their out-of-pocket costs were prohibitive. That’s when the family applied for a medical grant from the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) to help.

When the boys’ parents applied for their medical grant, they had no idea they were about to become a milestone as recipients of the 10,000th UHCCF grant.

“We were so thrilled to hear that we received a grant for each of the twins, which enabled us to purchase updated hearing aid technology. We immediately saw the boys respond to sounds they weren’t hearing before. Now we can watch them enjoy the activities they love – soccer, the beach, and playing with their older brother – all with better access to the sounds around them,” said parents Peggy and Eric.

Since 2007, UHCCF has awarded grants valued at more than $29 million to children and their families across the United States. To support UnitedHealth Group’s mission of helping people live healthier lives. To commemorate the 10,000th grant, UHCCF has planned a year-long 10,000 Smiles awareness campaign to help spread the word about their medical grant program so more families can apply for and receive assistance.

“Our mission every day is to help improve a child’s quality of life and help families gain access to the care they need. It has been a privilege to meet so many wonderful families. 10,000 grants is a good start, but we’re just beginning. We’re looking to help thousands’ more children and families next year and beyond,” said UHCCF President Matt Peterson.

Watch the story unfold:

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