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Holiday Fundraiser with Pee Jay’s Fresh Fruit

Holiday Fundraiser with Pee Jay’s Fresh Fruit

October 26, 2020 – November 29, 2020 all-day

Order a delicious and healthy snack for yourself or loved ones with Pee Jay’s Fresh FruitTM this holiday season.

7 different items available: 10-12 lb. boxes of layered fruit: oranges, clementines, red grapefruit, and sampler boxes that include pears or apples.

You will receive handpicked Florida fruit directly from the grove. This fruit is picked at peak season for optimal sweet and juicy flavors and range from large to extra-large in size.

Ordering will take place 10/26 – 11/29.
During checkout, you will be able to select a shipment week to ensure you are receiving the freshest, juiciest fruit. Your order will ship on Monday of that week and you, or your gift recipient, will receive the fruit in about 3 business days.

  •   Week 1: 11/16/2020
  •   Week 2: 11/29/2020 {cutoff date for ordering at midnight}
  •   Week 3: 12/07/2020
  •   Week 4: 12/14/2020