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UHCCF Recognizes Your Service. And Your Family.

Our team is proud to be here for our military and federal employee families. UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation medical grants help parents focus on what really matters most- their child’s health.

Watch the story below to learn more about Maddox, an 11-year-old UHCCF medical grant recipient from Elkins, Arkansas, whose Father served in the United States Marine Corps. While Maddox’s smile is ear-to-ear, you can’t see that he lives with otitis media, a group of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear. Four UHCCF medical grants have helped his family cover the costs of doctor visits, medication and surgery. Today he loves playing outside, brushing up on trivia, and spending time with family.

CFC Charity #83992

UHCCF is honored to be an approved charity of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which allows federal employees to support charities through payroll deduction. Search by UHCCF’s CFC # 83992 on the Combined Federal Campaign’s page to watch our charity video, read our charity story, and set up your donation. All proceeds help fund medical grants for children.

Watch the CFC Testimonial Video below to more about the Combined Federal Campaign and the ways in which your generous support will help charities like UHCCF.