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20,000 Grants

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award its 20,000th
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UHCCF 20,000 Grants
Allie, Age 6
20,000th Grant Recipient
Houma, LA
Watch her story.

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation
is celebrating a huge milestone. Since
2007, we have awarded $48M to families
across the U.S. This year we awarded our
20,000th grant. Thanks to the support of our
donors, just like you, we are changing lives.

Where Are They Now?

You helped our grant recipients improve their lives. See how they’re doing now.

Yszy and Ghabe

In 2009, at age 11, Yszy became our 5,000th medical grant recipient — a financial gift that was put toward costs associated with the nine corrective surgeries needed to fix her cleft lip and palate.

At 4 months of age, her brother, Ghabe, developed frontal bossing, a condition that led to enlarged bones in the face, hands, feet and skull, that required its own surgery, routine checkups and CAT scans.

With each child receiving a maximum $10,000 UHCCF medical grant, their family was able to pay for the copays, travel costs and additional expenses that quickly added up.

Today, Yszy is a 17-year-old high-school grad with a passion for painting, sketching and ink drawing, and hanging out with friends. She also has a love of helping others — volunteering over 70 hours per month on average for the last two years!

Ghabe, now 13, likes playing video games, directing and making movies, and writing books. He just finished his first novel titled “The Island,” based on a survival video game he plays. And of course, Yszy drew the cover. When not writing, directing, or making movies, he’s outside playing basketball or swimming.

“As a young family with two kids needing specialized medical treatment, we quickly realized how difficult and stressful it is to pay for all the treatments and procedures not covered by our health insurance. UHCCF grants allowed Yszy and Ghabe to receive the best medical care, so we could focus on their emotional and recovery needs. We are so grateful for all the help UHCCF has provided for our family!” — Parents Andrew and Amee

Cole and Jake

In 2015, identical 5-year-old twins, Cole and Jake, helped UHCCF celebrate its 10,000th grant award. As infants, the twins experienced multiple ear infections and as young as 10 months, their mom began to notice significant hearing loss. After rigorous testing, doctors confirmed both twins were experiencing progressive hearing loss. Thanks to a medical grant from UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation, Cole and Jake’s parents were able to buy new hearing aids that helped these inquisitive twins discover the sounds around them.

Recently, the twins celebrated their ninth birthday, and the duo has not slowed down one bit. Both boys are involved in sports and extracurricular activities, including Cub Scouts, basketball, baseball, soccer, the school running club, and most recently participated in their school play. They both love school and were named to the A/B honor roll this year. Jake’s favorite subject is math, while Cole’s favorite subject is science, and they both love art.

“Receiving a grant from UHCCF four years ago made it possible for Cole and Jake to receive updated hearing aid technology prior to them entering mainstream public school. This technology has allowed them to fully participate not only in school, but in extracurricular activities and in life. Cole and Jake are just regular nine-year-old boys who just happen to wear hearing aids.” — Parents Eric and Peggy


Meet our 20,000th grant recipient!

Allie is more than our 20,000th UHCCF medical grant recipient, she’s also a 6-year-old ray of sunshine. While born with Cerebral Palsy, you’d never know it. Nothing has kept her, her spirit, or her energy down.

Whether it’s spending time with her mom, Sandy, and her two older sisters, Kami and Taylor, riding horses, or perfecting her ballerina twirl, Allie has big dreams and an even bigger imagination!

With a first-time UHCCF medical grant of $2,500, Allie’s family was able to afford a WalkAide® — a device that simulates nerves and muscles to help her walk. This means this high-energy, very independent first grader can now walk without an AFO (ankle-foot orthosis), something she’s worn since she was a one-year-old. Now, she’s heading anywhere her imagination takes her.

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